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Magnuson Reunion Page

2006 Willard, MO

Reunion Update
2006 Willard, MO
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Hear are some 2006 Facts.

We just returned home from our 26th Magnuson Reunion. It was held in Willaard, MO, July 6, 2006 thru July, 9. 2006. There were 145 in attendence and lasted 4 days. It was hosted by Rhonda Magnuson and the rest of the Kime family. What do you do at a reunion? It couldn't be said better than a 3 year old put it. We eat!! There was also visiting, side trips, an auction to support the reunion, a talent show, and family devotions by some of our young people, which we are very proud. We all missed Elvin Kime, an in-law that was a real supporter of our family and and family reunions, who died suddenly on January 31, 2006. He among others were the ones that prepared our special breakfests at almost all our reunions. I think this Web sight is a great idea. I hope to add to it from time and maybe write a little history on our family and the reunions. Carl Magnuson-the oldest livng one in this klan with the Magnuson name. Dorothy Magnuson Furlong is the oldest living Magnuson from this Klan.

The 2006 Reunion at Willard, MO.

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